Cauliflower Alfredo…

What exactly does this taste like? I happen to be a person who very much likes pasta – tortellini, gnocchi, penne, rigatoni… even obscure pastas like orecchiette pasta and campanelle. I have tried them all. Love them all. On the new Beyond the Scale program, I can totally eat them. Except I’m not doing just Beyond the Scale. I’ve added in my own component of clean eating. So, while I’m not cutting out breads, pastas, and the like necessarily, I am limiting them. A LOT. Mainly because if I make a pot of it, I will eat a pot of it. Out, I have the will power to eat smaller portions of pasta. At home though, I make zucchini noodles. So when I heard there was a way to make Caulifredo pasta sauce, I knew I had to try it.

First of all, my little tiny processor almost keeled over on me from the sheer exhaustion of trying to blend all of the ingredients together. Word to the wise – use a bigger blender if that’s what you want to do. My little Mini Prep processor was able to do it, but I thought I was going to watch it implode.

That being said, after following the directions to a tee, I took a taste and decided it needed something. So, I brought it to the “dinner guinea pig” A.K.A. the husband. He said, “Hmmm… needs more butter to taste like mashed potatoes.” “It’s supposed to be a sauce!” So back to the drawing board I went. I added in a little more salt and let it simmer a little longer, stirring occasionally to make it more like the consistency of a béchamel sauce.

Instead of breading the chicken, I used some grated parmesan cheese. I had to watch the chicken closely to make sure the cheese didn’t just burn. I paired it with some mushrooms and zucchini pasta. Caulifredo sauce on top. DD ate regular whole wheat pasta. There are certain battles I do not try to win.  #WonderWhereSheGetsHerStubbornessFrom

In the end, it was a pretty good dish. I might try adding more water next time to make the sauce more saucy, but it was good. It got high ratings from both DH and DD, which is actually pretty hard to come by! So I’ll take it!

On a side note, nutmeg tasted surprisingly good with this.


11997349_10107231756139573_710871323_nMy Zucchini Pasta Alfredo12736446_10107231756239373_1582857944_n

DD’s Whole Wheat Angel Hair Alfredo


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