Surviving the Super Bowl…

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to make it through the Super Bowl and eat clean. Yes, I said it, clean! And people actually like the clean stuff better. What did we eat?

  • Grilled chicken wings with clean rub
  • Veggie platter with clean queso dip
  • Jalepeno poppers
  • (blue cheese dip that DH made, that was sorta clean)

The queso dip was amazing. Just amazing. The best part was that it was pretty filling so you couldn’t have a ton of it. It’s 7 sp for each serving and the total serves eight people. The husbands all loved it and commented on how great it tasted.

We had the homemade jalapeño poppers (baked instead of breaded and fried) and the veggies for snacking. The end of the night came and I didn’t feel super bloated or gross. Winning!

(On a side note, at the end of the night, the dip came right off the pot as soon as I started rinsing. Bet other quesos don’t do that. Wonder what the others do to your insides? Just saying.)




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