Clean Eating No Bake Oatmeal Granola Bars

Yes, you read that title right. Clean Eating No Bake Oatmeal Granola Bars. Whenever I see the words No Bake I automatically think it’s going to taste like mud. Really, though, most no bake things come out like big, sludge messes. This one is easy and tastes like heaven in bar form. The nice part about it is you can add other items or change out things and it still tastes great.

The most important part of this one is to do the dry stuff in a bowl and then warm up the wet items. The coconut oil is key because when it gets below 75 degrees, it hardens. Once this gets to room temperature, it does begin to lose its shape a bit. According to the original recipe, you have to put it into the fridge. I find that putting it in the freezer is better; the bar stays in its shape and it softens when you take a bite. I want to try it out with walnuts or pecans. It would probably taste fantastic with the almond butter.


I pour them into a foil pan and freeze them. Then I cut them down into small cubes. They have just enough sweet and bitterness in each cube to enjoy!

For those following Weight Watchers, these are about 6 Smart Points for the size that I make them.




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