30 Minute Chicken and Cauliflower Yellow Curry

Edit: I don’t normally cook. In fact, I have been known to burn soup. But this transition to clean eating has lit a fire under me. I have been in a cooking frenzy and I love it. Things that I wouldn’t dare try to make taste even better than the prepackaged thing.


This recipe is amazing! I’ve been making the same thing for the past few weeks. I spend all morning on Sunday making my menu for the week and prepping/cooking everything. I found this website and the curry looked like a great option to throw into the mix of my weekly menu. Well, let me tell you, this tastes just great!  I love that it’s all natural and clean ingredients. Coconut milk, honey, turmeric, veggies, and it tastes like the real deal. On Weight Watchers, it’s 10 Smart Points for a cup, but whoa! Totally worth it! Try it for yourself!IMG_6785


Source: http://ifoodreal.com/30-minute-chicken-and-cauliflower-yellow-curry-recipe/


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